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Custom Shoes
Custom Shoes

Dr. Comfort Shoes  

  • Dr. Comfort shoes are specially designed to fit the diabetic foot. They feature extra width and depth in the toe box and forefoot to relieve pressure from key areas of the foot.

  • Variety of styles and colors available to help alleviate, or even prevent, foot complications and deformities.

  • Comes with custom molded shoe insert.

Custom Shoes

Extra Depth Shoes

These shoes are designed to limit stress at the area of the foot most susceptible to pain. The Rocker Soles are proven to reduce stress on the ball of the foot, relieving conditions such as metatarsalgia, Morton's neuroma, and many other conditions.

Custom Shoes

Velcro Closure Extra Depth Shoes

Velcro closure assists patients in easing donning and doffing. These shoes have removable layers which accommodate a patient's foot deformity or edema.

Custom Shoes

Custom Molded Shoes

Custom Molded Shoes can accommodate the most severe deformities when off-the-shelf shoes cannot.


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