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Semi-Rigid Ankle Braces
A semi-rigid ankle brace is versatile in preventative or post-injury support.  They effectively eliminate pressure on the ankle while allowing unobstructed range of motion in plantar flexion and dorsiflexion.

Stirrup Ankle Brace

Stirrup Ankle Brace with Air Bladder

This standard ankle brace is preferred for the acute injury with most adults or youth. It is a popularly designed brace because of its versatility with sprains, fractures and chronic instability. Allows for unobstructed dorsi and plantar flexion.

Hinged Ankle Stirrup

Hinged Ankle Stirrup with Foam

Modified orthotic footplate provides critical foot and arch support while resisting inversion and eversion. Neutral arch position promotes healing of injured ligaments. Medial forward design and contoured side supports position the brace to move in unison with the foot and ankle.

Ankle Gauntlet

Ankle Gauntlet

Removable plastic stabilizers insert into pockets on either side to help resist inversion and eversion. Other features include offset eyelets, elastic back section, and padded tongue. Vinyl side panels provide added reinforcement.

Leather Gauntlet

Leather Ankle Gauntlet

This orthosis is designed to stabilize your foot and ankle.  The molded leather results in a total contact orthosis providing lightweight and comfortable control.  The combination of Velcro and lace up remains most popular for comfort and stability.

Articulating Ankle Brace

Articulating Ankle Brace

Articulating Ankle Foot Orthoses (AFO) allow for flexion at the ankle and have an adjustable/removable plantar flexion stop.  This can be fit from a prefabricated design, as well as custom fabricated.


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