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Concentrator Cleaning and Maintenance
Cleaning and decontamination of respiratory therapy equipment in the home is of major concern. All cleaning and disinfecting should be performed in a clean environment. We do not recommend performing this in dirty, dusty or smoky areas, after vacuuming or under an open window.

Oxygen systems require very little cleaning. The only item on your concentrator that requires regular cleaning is the external foam filter. The cabinet of the concentrator can be wiped clean with a damp cloth.

Oxygen Concentrator Cleaning and MaintenanceONCE A WEEK:
Step 1 – Remove the foam filter.
Step 2 – Wash in warm water and a mild dish soap (NO anti-bacterial soaps).
Step 3 – Rinse the filter thoroughly with warm water.
Step 4 – Gently squeeze water from the filter, then pat dry with a clean towel and reattach to the concentrator.

Concentrator Diagram
Operating the Concentrator
Cleaning and Maintenance
Care of Oxygen Tubing
Care of Humidifier Bottle
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