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Trach Humidity and Suction
Trach Humidity and SuctionA tracheotomy is a small incision that goes through the neck and into the trachea. The incision is kept open by a tracheostomy tube so that air can enter into the trachea and be delivered to the lungs.

Normal ventilation occurs by air entering through the nose or mouth, where it is warmed, cleaned and humidity is added prior to it traveling through the trachea and to the lungs.  Humidity is an important part of this process because humidified air is less irritating to the respiratory tract. Wright & Filippis offers medical compressors with the ability to provide heated or non heated humidified air or, if necessary, with oxygen for tracheostomy patients.

A tracheostomy tube reroutes the air entering the lungs, bypassing the nose and mouth and the filtering, heating  and humidity that would be added at that time.  This makes the air moving through the tube cooler, dryer and not as clean.  The body finds this rerouted breath irritating and creates more mucus in response to these changes.  Suctioning clears mucus from the tracheostomy tube and is necessary for proper breathing and preventing infections.  Wright & Filippis carries portable tabletop suction machines and power adapter units for ease in travel.

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