Chet Kuskowski, ATP, CRTS

Assistive Technology Professional,
Complex Rehabilitation
Technology Supplier


Custom mobility solutions is also known as complex rehab seating & mobility or custom wheelchair services. Wright & Filippis is the largest Michigan-based and family-owned provider of custom mobility products and services. Our team of licensed seating specialists, or ATP’s, work hand in hand with physicians, therapists, case managers, and other healthcare professionals to ensure quality clinical care and a custom product to suit each patient’s need.

Custom mobility solutions is the primary goal of Wright & Filippis’ mobility staff. We are proud to employ the largest Certified Assistive Technology Professional (ATP) staff in the state of Michigan, providing the most comprehensive list of solutions for our patients. We specialize in custom power mobility solutions, custom manual mobility solutions, custom seating solutions and custom pediatric mobility solutions.

This video provides an introduction to complex rehab technology from the perspectives of individuals that rely on it each day for their health and independence, physicians that prescribe it, and consumer organizations that work to protect access.