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Washtenaw County 5/16 – 5/27
Oakland/Washtenaw City Employee Daily Screening
Oakland County Health EO
Thermometer Instructions of Use and Care
Infection Control Guidelines for COVID-19
Employee Daily Screening
COVID-19 Wright & Filippis Safety Plan
M3547 – Safety Plan and EO Updates
M3545 – Coronavirus Update Change in Facility Hours
Testing Sites by Branch
M3543 Coronavirus Extension of RTW date and Essential Employee Testing
COVID 19 Wright & Filippis Safety Plan
CDC Recommendations Epidemiologic Risk Factors
M3541 – Coronavirus CDC Guidelines and other Business Updates
M3539 – Coronavirus – Update on Current Business Status
M3538- Coronavirus Update on Nursing Homes
M3536- Coronavirus Update VLOA and Furlough Extenstion
M3535- Coronavirus Update VLOA for Higher Risk Individuals Update
M3534- Coronavirus Update CARES Act
M3533- Coronavirus Update April 1.2020
M3531- Coronavirus Update March 31.2020
M3530- Coronavirus Update March 30.2020
M3528- Coronavirus Update Washtenaw County Emergency Order
FFCRA Poster WH1422 Employee Rights
M3527- Coronavirus Update Oakland County Emergency Order
M3526- Coronavirus Update Essential Business Travel
M3525- Coronavirus Update Essential Business
M3524- Coronavirus Update 3.20.20
M3523- Coronavirus Temp LOA
M3522- Coronavirus Facility Hours
M3521- Coronavirus Policy and Work Schedule Changes
March 2020 Special Edition COVID-19
M3520-WF Coronavirus Precautionary Plan of Action
M3519-WF Coronavirus Precautionary Plan of Action
M3518- COVID-19 Amended Attendance Disability Policy
M3517-WF Coronavirus Precautionary Plan of Action