Orthotic Patient Testimonials

Orthotist: Mike Hoisington
Office: Clinton Township
Patient: Dianne L. Dych-Sachs

I have been a patient with Wright & Filippis since 2001. I wear a long leg brace on my right leg an orthotic in my left shoe. I contracted polio when I was 13 months old and have residual leg paralysis. I have always needed some type of orthotics in order to walk. I am very happy with Wright & Filippis, whenever I walk into the Clinton Township office I am always pleasantly greeted by the office staff and taken care of. My orthotist Mike Hoisington, has helped me tremendously and is very aware of my post-polio condition and listens to me when I suggest different options while fitting my braces. I feel confident that I can call him whenever I need him at any time and he will get back with me as soon as possible. Mike is always up to date on the latest technology for orthotics and I appreciate that considering I need orthotics in order to walk.

Mike has helped me to be active again. I am able to do my own shopping, spend time with my grandchildren, volunteer at our post-polio clinic and even travel. I can’t imagine not being able to do these things on my own and because of Mike and the time he spends fitting my braces and fixing them when they break (because I am so active), I can’t thank him and Wright & Filippis enough!