Diabetic Shoes

Medicare, and most insurances, provide people with diabetes a diabetic shoe benefit because properly fitting shoes can prevent the costly health complications connected with diabetes. Wright & Filippis understands the needs of the foot. Often the foot will swell more than a normal foot and experience loss of nerve sensation, called neuropathy. We carry shoes designed to accommodate these specific issues. Our certified orthotists, certified pedorthists and certified shoe fitters are trained in shoe fitting and diabetic foot management.
Proper care, cleaning and examination of the feet are critical for people with diabetes. It is absolutely imperative that people with diabetes follow the advice of their doctor concerning all aspects of their diabetes — including the doctor’s instructions to wear proper shoes that are properly fit. A person with peripheral neuropathy lacks the very sensation required to feel the fit of the shoe. Therefore, it is imperative for a person with peripheral neuropathy to seek the assistance of a trained expert to assure a proper shoe fit.

Wright & Filippis offers a complete line of shoes to accommodate all needs.