AmpuTeam consists of prosthetists, patients, therapists, physicians and other support including family and friends, who give their time, encouragement and advice to new patients before and after their amputation. AmpuTeam offers activities such as bowling, basketball, golf, educational programs and camps specifically for young amputees ensuring that the amputee remains motived and always feels supported.
The Amputee Support Services offers a unique support group that provides peer advisement by individuals in the community who have had amputations, which can be invaluable to a patient’s recovery. The volunteers in Amputee Support Services can be matched to a new patient according to many factors including, age, gender, level of amputation and recreational interests. This support person might be someone else in rehab at the same time as the patient, or it may be someone who has years of experience under their belt, having sorted out the issues of living with a disability and using a prosthesis. Peer visits can happen preoperatively, post operatively, or any time there is a need. This mentorship is invaluable.

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 Training for Life – Macomb Community College

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Bowling Clinic – Classic Lanes
Basketball Challenge – AmpuTeam vs Covenant Health Care