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Pediatric orthotics is a unique and exciting area of orthotics that requires exceptional clinical skills. Wright & Filippis has pediatric specialists throughout the state, able to interpret the needs of a child often voiced through a parent or caregiver while incorporating the functional requirements of the prescribing physician. W&F is passionate about its commitment to pediatric orthotics. In 2005 we opened the Wright & Filippis Pediatric Center in Madison Heights, Michigan. It is a bright and colorful environment that allows children to enjoy their orthotic experience as much as possible.

Cervical thoracic orthosis immobilize the cervical area by an extension from the trunk or spinal area to a chin and posterior head piece that apply pressure and limits motion. These devices are used after trauma or post-operatively.

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The pediatric specialists understand the unique design requirements to treat traumatic brain injury, neurological disorders, cerebral palsy, spina bifida, and plagiocephaly. The material and design needed to achieve the highest potential of our pediatric patients, is what our staff strives for and achieves daily. Our pediatric helmets specialists treat positional plagiocephaly, brachycephaly, scaphocephaly and other head shape deformities in infants 3-18 months of age. Wright & Filippis offers a wide selection of cranial remolding orthosis to effectively manage a variety of head shape deformities, levels of severity, and clinical indications.

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Wright & Filippis is competent in traditional orthotic systems used to treat scoliosis, such as Boston, Providence and Charleston. We are also pleased to provide the SpinCor orthosis. We offer a range of scoliosis devices allowing our scoliosis specialist to determine the best design choice to treat each unique curvature and provide the patient with the best opportunity for a successful outcome.

We get to enjoy our daughter’s beautiful round head, thanks to Robin and Wright & Filippis!

Our Orthotist, Robin, made our helmet journey much easier than I expected. She is caring in her interactions with our family, thoughtful in her craft and always gives her honest opinion regarding progress and timelines with Evelyn’s helmet therapy.

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