Rodney Coleman, C.P.

Certified Prosthetist


Since 1944, quality prosthetic care has been the foundation of Wright & Filippis and is still at the forefront today.  With more than 30 certified clinicians throughout the state, Wright & Filippis is committed to providing the highest quality care in helping amputees realize their functional potential.

Wright & Filippis has the experienced staff, knowledge and technology to provide you with any and all components, socket designs and various types of suspensions. These are all determined at the most important visit of all: the evaluation. The evaluation appointment is where the clinician discusses with the patient their goals and objectives and then determines what needs to be done to reach these.

Wright & Filippis has created a professional environment to effectively manage individual clinical needs along with insurance requirements to ensure patients receive the best care possible. As one of the nation’s largest family-owned providers of prosthetics, Wright & Filippis is best equipped to service all of your prosthetic needs.

The socket is the foundation to any prosthesis. A properly fitted socket will allow patients the opportunity to reach his/her goals. A properly fitted socket with 30-year-old technology may be worn and functional; however, an improperly fitted socket with the newest technology will not be functional and may in fact be painful to the patient. Wright & Filippis was founded on providing the utmost in quality care and understands that quality care begins with the socket.  Our staff is dedicated to making sure each patient is fit properly in order to meet and exceed his/her goals.