Prosthetics technology


Prosthetic Technology

Lower Extremity

Wright & Filippis actively pursues the latest technologies and is routinely the first in the state, sometimes in the country, to use new products introduced to the market. These technologies include computerized knees like the Genium, X3 and Power Knee, bionic feet and/or advanced sub-atmospheric socket designs.

Manufacturers regularly invite Wright & Filippis clinicians to serve on advisory boards where they provide their expertise on new product concepts, beta testing components and offer their perspective on the health care industry.

Wright & Filippis offers comprehensive care for the management of every type of lower extremity limb loss. After being fully evaluated, a rehabilitation program is implemented that is consistent with the amputee’s individual functional goals. Appropriate techniques and technologies are used to maximize each amputee’s rehabilitation experience.

Technology in the field of lower limb prosthetics has greatly advanced in the past 15 years especially in the components incorporating microprocessors. While this is exciting and allows the clinician to fine tune specific functions, you must have a properly fitting socket. The socket is the foundation to any prosthesis. A properly fitted socket will allow patients the opportunity to reach his/her goals. A properly fitted socket with 30-year-old technology may be worn and functional, however, an improperly fitted socket with the newest technology will not functional and may in fact be painful to the patient. Wright & Filippis was founded on providing the utmost in quality care and understands that begins with the socket. Our staff is dedicated to making sure each patient is fit properly in order to meet and exceed his/her goals.

Upper Extremity

Wright & Filippis offers upper limb solutions to ensure the best possible outcomes for every amputation level. We provide the most advanced technology, from myoelectric prosthetic hands to prosthetic finger solutions, as well as the most life like silicone prostheses matching the natural appearance of the wearer. Clinical workshops have been completed to provide products that include Naked Prosthetics, I-Limb digits as well as the electric hands such as the I-Limb quantum, Michealangelo and Be-Bionic.

New technologies in upper extremities offer pattern recognition that provides intuitive and individual control by mapping the user's unique muscle patterns and translating them directly into various movements of the prosthesis. When the user thinks of opening the hand and activates the physiologic muscle used for that task, the system immediately translates these signals to open the prosthetic hand. Our upper extremity specialist has been certified and has experience with pattern recognition.

Clinicians work closely with the user’s occupational therapist so they receive advanced training to reintegrate them into the community. We work to provide upper extremity sports and recreational prosthetic components returning the client to an independent lifestyle.

I have been a patient of Wright & Filippis for four years, and I was recommended by a family member to see Austin.

He is a phenomenal Prosthetist! He treats people with respect, he took on all of my needs an made sure everything worked to my satisfaction and most of all he helped me reach my goals after becoming an amputee.

Timothy F.
Clinton Township, MI
Prosthetics Technology, Timothy
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