Orthotic Technology


Orthotic Technology

Orthotic rehabilitation services applies the newest orthotic technology to produce optimal outcomes for patients that may present with the most challenging needs. These new opportunities allow for patients to participate in activities and hobbies with a level of independence they had in the past or have never had before.

The newest advances in orthotics revolve around materials and componentry. Devices that used to be made of plastic are now made with carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is aerospace technology that can now be applied to orthotics.

Orthotics Technology

The latest in componentry

Devices with the newest componentry provide orthotic solutions that result in happier patients. Patients who once had to walk with a locked knee to combat knee instability, now have options. Simply put, stance control orthosis react to your movement by locking the knee joint, ready for you to step forward with stability and confidence.

Today’s opportunities use advanced accepted prosthetic practices, such as myoelectric and microprocessor controlled devices, and incorporate them into custom fabricated orthotics. Clinicians at Wright & Filippis are trained and qualified in the latest advances in orthotic design and fabrication.

The Orthotic Team