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When it comes to prosthetic & orthotic solutions for your little loved one, Wright & Filippis has everything you may need to ensure your child, can still be a child! We know each child’s needs and activity levels are all different and ever changing. Wright & Filippis will be with them throughout the entire process to ensure they are still getting the proper fit and function while growing. We ensure our pediatric specialists will always keep your child’s functional needs in mind when developing their treatment plan. We take into consideration each design, development, and functionality while choosing the appropriate items for a successful outcome. Our goal is always to help people maintain or regain their freedom of movement.

What keeps us coming back is the warm & welcoming enviroment Lynne and the staff give us.

Niaomi has been seeing Lynne for the past five years for her prosthetic needs. "Niaomi is always full of energy and sparkle which is why she chose her new star prosthesis! She can't wait to show it off when she goes into 1st grade this fall." - Lynne Galonek, Prosthetist

Niaomi R.
Farmington Hills
Niaomi R.
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