Our prosthetic staff works very closely with pediatric specialists throughout the state including physical therapists, physicians and specialized clinics. We also recognize that parents and family play a significant role in helping the youngster to reach his/her full potential. Wright & Filippis understands how critical the team approach is when the patient is a child and we will work with the parents through education, peer visits and follow up for life.

SCAMP Opportunities!

SCAMP “A Special Camp for Special Kids” serves over 200 children and adults with special needs. With ages from three years old to over forty and we serve a population with needs ranging from autism spectrum disorders, cognitive or behavioral impairments to physical disabilities. SCAMP is a five-week summer camp that provides recreational activities for SCAMPers. It also provides a respite for their parents/guardians and families from a life of continuous care. SCAMPers enjoy fun, social, interactive summer experience. They are in a supportive, safe and caring environment where they are able to enjoy summer activities that may have been previously unavailable to them. For more information, please visit SCAMP