Ed Robinet C.O.


Certified Orthotist


  • Saginaw – 5599 Bay Rd.

Ed Robinet is an American Board Certified Orthotist since 1994. He completed his orthotic education at Northwestern University in Chicago Illinois the spring of 1992. Ed has been in the Orthotics field since 1981 and began employment with Wright & Filippis Inc. in 1983. Ed was fortunate to enter the field under his mentor who required him to be well versed in the “old world” techniques of orthotics as well as practicing modern methods. Ed specializes in adolescent scoliosis, utilizing all types of orthoses, but mainly prefers the custom molded ones due to the intimate fit. Children who have scoliosis like this because the orthoses are less noticeable under clothing. Over the course of Ed’s 30 plus year career he has been exposed to a wide variety of pathologies and anomalies requiring truly custom “one- of-a- kind” orthoses to improve the quality of life for numerous individuals. This requires being knowledged in a variety of materials and being able to work with them to produce an orthosis that is usable by the individual it is intended for.Ed has also had the opportunity to provide a variety of animals, large and small, with orthotics and prosthetics.To Ed, every patient presents their unique needs to improve their lives from something simple to the elaborately complex orthosis and accepts any challenge