John J.Galonek C.P.O


Certified Prosthetist Orthotist, Clinical Manager


  • Detroit – 4201 St. Antoine St.
  • Detroit – 261 Mack Ave.

John is an ABC Board Certified Orthotist Prosthetist who has worked at Wright & Filippis since 2008 and is the Clinical Manager at the DMC Detroit and Livonia facilities. He received his education at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst as an undergraduate and the University of Connecticut-Storrs for his graduate studies. With several years working in physical therapy prior to graduate school, and experience working in several large markets in O and P along the eastern sea board for a large national chain, John brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the rehabilitative field to his patients. Focusing primarily in orthotics, John specializes serving patients with spinal cord injury, neurological diagnoses/stroke/CMT, sports medicine/orthopedics and trauma, in addition to pediatric patients with upper and lower limb involvement. Combining evidence-based biomechanical principles and determining patient’s wants and needs, John enjoys reaching the highest potential for each of his patients to improve their function and their lives.