Michael Allen, C.P.


Certified Prosthetist, Clinical Manager


  • Ferndale – 23520 Woodward Ave.
  • Detroit – 4201 St. Antoine St.

Mike earned his bachelor’s degree from Wayne State University. His focus was in kinesiology with an influence on education and a certification in adaptive sports. Upon completion, he attended Northwestern University’s prosthetic program. Mike has worked for Wright & Filippis since 2006, first joining the Wright & Filippis team as a prosthetic technician. This enabled him to gain a solid understanding and appreciation of the design and technology of prosthetics. Mike is now an ABC Certified Prosthetist (C.P.) who is certified to fit C-legs, Rheo Knees, and Harmony elevated vacuum systems. Since attending Northwestern University Mike has been working to serve patients ranging from six months to 88 years old by understanding their needs, ensuring they receive the care and prosthesis they deserve while creating a supportive environment.