Patricia Medlock C.O.


Certified Orthotist


  • Lansing – 1629 E. Michigan Ave., Suite 101

Tricia has been an American Board Certified Orthotist since March of 2010.  She has worked with Wright & Filippis since 2007.  Special interests include cranial reshaping orthoses and working with the pediatric population.  Tricia is certified to provide numerous dynamic and conventional style devices as well as many technologically-advanced orthoses.  Including but not limited to carbon bracing, cranial reshaping helmets, stance phase controlled knee ankle foot orthoses (KAFO’s), Reciprocating Gait orthoses (RGO’s) and scoliosis bracing. Tricia graduated from Western Michigan University with a bachelor of science degree in interdisciplinary health services and a minor in disability services.  She received her orthotic education from Northwestern University.