Robin Beals C.P.O.


Certified Prosthetist Orthotist


  • Farmington Hills – 27678 Middlebelt Rd.

Robin is an American Board Certified Orthotist and Prosthetist. Robin received her bachelor of science degree from the University of Michigan, concentrating in kinesiology/exercise physiology in 1994. She received her certification in orthotics and prosthetics from Northwestern University in 2001. Her career began in pediatric custom wheelchair seating and mobility and then progressed to Orthotics and Prosthetics. Robin specializes in pediatrics and provides over 15 years of experience in upper and lower extremity orthotic management, cranial molding helmets and prosthetic care. Robin utilizes the latest CAD/CAM technology for obtaining scans for fabrication of cranial molding helmets and lower extremity prostheses. She regularly sees children at therapy clinics, at schools and in her office.