Prosthetist: Austin Balogh
Office: Clinton Township
Patient: Timothy Fluary

I have been a patient of Wright & Filippis for four years, and I was recommended by a family member to see Austin. He is a phenomenal prosthetist! He treats people with respect, he took on all of my needs an made sure everything worked to my satisfaction and most of all he helped me reach my goals after becoming an amputee.

Orthotist: Brett Conley
Office: Battle Creek
Patient: Dawn Williams

I love it here and I fit right in the first time, every time! I was given a choice where to go and I am glad I chose Wright & Filippis and have never looked back. I have been a patient with them for roughly seven years and I would highly recommend them to anyone, the staff is always very friendly and helpful.

Prosthetist: Bill Simon
Office: Ann Arbor
Patient: Gae Miller

I am so happy with the services Wright & Filippis has provided me for over 15 years. They have provided me with three C- legs and have always worked closely with me to make sure the fit is perfect so that I can be as mobile as possible. I have had several prosthetists over the years. All have been great including Bill Simon. The responsive, thorough and comprehensive care I receive from Wright & Filippis makes my quality of life possible.

I am currently in an Ischial Containment Socket with a flexible inner knee with a C- leg four microprocessor knee and a Triton vertical shock foot. My advice to other users: I have been able to incorporate Wright & Filippis as part of my team to manage my amputation and make my life as an amputee as productive and pleasant as possible. I urge everyone to keep working with your prosthetist until you get it right- it’s possible and worth the effort!

Prosthetist: Edward Brewer
Patient: John Hinkle

I have been a patient of Ed’s for 10 years. I called him my prosthetic angel because when he talked to me first about getting the first leg through him by the way he talked to me he seemed like an angel with a full load of knowledge. After seeing him for some time I realized that was true. Any time I needed anything he was there for me. He is a god sent. 

Ed keeps up with my record and makes any adjustments and corrections when needed. He also is very up to date and I am the first person in Michigan to get this new type of microprocessor prosthetic ankle. I would recommend Ed Brewer to anybody. But only if you like angels. He is one heck of a good guy.

Prosthetist: Bill Simon
Office: Ann Arbor
Patient: Jim Germane

“Super people, all around. Never had any better service than when working with them. I wish I would have known Bill when I first lost my leg. I am happy they take my insurance and offer payment plans for any out of pocket. Bill is readily available when I need him for a follow-up. ”

I have been a patient with Wright & Filippis since the spring of 2015. I visit the Ann Arbor office and Bill Simon is my Prosthetist. I had to have an above knee amputation in 2003 due to a logging accident. My overall experience with Wright & Filippis has been great for me. Bill provides me with excellent care. I have always worn a direct fit socket but Bill recently had me try a new liner and it’s working out wonderful. It fits and stays on great and is easy on my skin.

I am an 80-year-old hay farmer and now that my prosthesis fits exactly the way I want it so I am able to load and unload hay, and also drive my backhoe and other farming equipment again. The secret to my success is getting back to my normal day and not feeling sorry for myself and Bill has helped me achieve that. I would highly recommend Bill Simon and look forward to working with him in the future.

“I encourage all amputees to try and remain as active as you can. The more you sit around the more work it is going to be to resume normal everyday life. I am happy that my prosthesis allows me to do all the farm work I need to do, cut and split wood, drive the tractor, work the clutch, etc. I do not stumble or have the knee buckle on this knee, even out in the grass. I have caught my foot on a grapevine and was still able to catch myself from falling. I spend a lot of time in the summer doing work around my pond and this prosthesis allows me to do that work with my leg on, I don’t have to worry about water with this knee.”

Prosthetist: Ryan Filippis
Office: Warren
Patient: George Costea

I have been a patient with Wright & Filippis since July 22, 2014. I visit the Warren office and Ryan Filippis is my Prosthetist. I had to have a below knee amputation July 21, 2014, on my left leg for persistent cellulitis and osteomyelitis of the left foot. My overall experience with Wright & Filippis has been great. I am a family physician and work 6 days a week. Ryan was very flexible and worked with my schedule. He provided me with excellent care which allowed me to continue working throughout the entire process of measuring and fitting my prosthesis. He also visited me while I was in the hospital and in rehabilitation. Afterward, he came to my office on several occasions and met with my surgeons in preparation of the proposed prosthesis.

Now that I am mobile with my prosthesis I am back to working 14 hour days and wearing my prosthesis up to 18 hours a day, 6 days a week. I am able to exercise again, swim, go on vacations and site see like I was once able to. I am happy with the progression I have made thus far. I would highly recommend Ryan Filippis and look forward to working with him in the future.

Prosthetist: Robin Beals
Office: Farmington Hills
Patient: Emma Wacht, Age 11 (Written by her mom Michele Wacht)

Emma is a below-knee amputee and has been a patient with Wright & Filippis at their Farmington Hills location and has had Robin Beals as her prosthetist since she was born. Emma had to have her rudimentary foot removed because of amniotic banding. Robin was in Emma’s surgery with Dr. Zaltz and cast Emma’s leg for her first prosthesis. Wright & Filippis and Robin have shown extreme care and innovation with Emma’s prosthesis.

Emma was walking at 14 months thanks to Dr. Zaltz and Robin. We enrolled her in Gymnastics at the age of 4 to avoid physical therapy and to keep her active and thriving. She is still in gymnastics at age 11 and competes competitively. She placed in her State meets this year on bars and vault. It’s been amazing to watch. Emma trusts Robin, as do we (her parents), completely. As Emma’s mom, I appreciate that Robin is very sensitive to the emotional aspects of an 11-year-old girl, I’m sure partly because she has a daughter of her own, but I think that’s just how Robin’s heart works. Robin is very caring and compassionate and her commitment to our family has never wavered. I do not say this lightly, but Robin has helped form the character and strength of our daughter by giving her wings (or a magic leg as we call it) to know that she can attempt and do anything because her prosthetic is an extension of her body, not a limitation. It has never defined her, but certainly challenged her intestinal fortitude at a very young age. I would without a doubt recommend Wright & Filippis and Robin Beals.

Prosthetist: Dave Keck
Office: Saginaw
Patient: Ken Wolschlager

I have been a patient with Wright & Filippis since August 1983. I lost my leg in a farming accident and Wright & Filippis helped fit me with a leg that has no irritation and that I can wear up to 16 hours a day 7 days a week. They were very flexible with appointments and being that I am a farmer, flexibility with time is important.

My prosthetist Dave Keck at the Saginaw office helped tremendously with the transition from my old leg to my new one. He develops a relationship with you and makes it very personal. He is thorough and makes sure everything is working properly and that you feel comfortable before you leave the office. Every little detail counts and he checks each one. Wright & Filippis helped me get back to my normal day. I am able to do the things I love such as giving my girls piggyback rides to the bus stop, working at the job that I love, farming, playing softball and just loving life. Thank you, Dave Keck and Wright & Filippis!

Prosthetist: Dave Keck
Office: Saginaw
Patient: Aidan Maratta, Age 8 (Written by his mom Jennifer Maratta)

Aidan has been a patient with Wright & Filippis since he was 2 or 3 months old and visits the Saginaw location and sees Dave Keck as his prosthetist. Aidan was born without a tibia bone and had surgery through his knees because he was also born without kneecaps. He wears prosthetics on both legs. Our experience with Dave has been great. I appreciate the relationship Dave has with my son. Dave loves Aidan, and Aidan loves Dave. Wright & Filippis is always flexible with getting Aidan in for any problems or adjustments with his legs. Dave is currently helping Aidan get running legs and is helping our family get a sponsor to help with the cost of the legs.

Aidan is able to walk correctly, tries to run, plays baseball, basketball and swims at his grandparent’s house often. As Aidan’s mom, I hope Dave sticks around for a long time so that Aidan can keep seeing him as his prosthetist. Our family has complete trust in Wright & Filippis and Dave Keck, and would highly recommend them for anyone needing a prosthesis.

Orthotist: Mike Hoisington
Office: Clinton Township
Patient: Dianne L. Dych-Sachs

I have been a patient with Wright & Filippis since 2001. I wear a long leg brace on my right leg an orthotic in my left shoe. I contracted polio when I was 13 months old and have residual leg paralysis. I have always needed some type of orthotics in order to walk. I am very happy with Wright & Filippis, whenever I walk into the Clinton Township office I am always pleasantly greeted by the office staff and taken care of. My orthotist Mike Hoisington, has helped me tremendously and is very aware of my post-polio condition and listens to me when I suggest different options while fitting my braces. I feel confident that I can call him whenever I need him at any time and he will get back with me as soon as possible. Mike is always up to date on the latest technology for orthotics and I appreciate that considering I need orthotics in order to walk.

Mike has helped me to be active again. I am able to do my own shopping, spend time with my grandchildren, volunteer at our post-polio clinic and even travel. I can’t imagine not being able to do these things on my own and because of Mike and the time he spends fitting my braces and fixing them when they break (because I am so active), I can’t thank him and Wright & Filippis enough!